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January 2nd- Clinging onto Christmas


So whilst most people may be thinking about diets, New Years resolutions, and ridding the house of clutter and Christmas decorations, I am currently trying really hard to hold on that little bit longer to the loveliness of Christmas. I realised a couple of years ago that whilst the actual Christmas part of Christmas (i.e the travelling and trying to please and fit in with numerous family members in various locations) can be stupidly stressful, the build up to Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. I am more than likely the minority here, but it felt like pretty much everything related to Christmas was better than the normal versions; mulled wine and my new favourite discovery mulled cider are heaven in a glass; Christmas Cake, Mince pies and especially Stollen exude an air of winter cosiness making you think of log fires, wood panelled rooms and comfy sofas; then there is the Christmas Tree, ok so you may end up with needles everywhere until April, but the smell is so worth it! and every year the lounge just looks that little bit depressed and darker without its twinkly lights in January when it gets taken down. I could go on! So in order to enjoy all of these things for as long as possible I decided to let Christmas start as soon as the shops think it should! So on go the Christmas movies and music, and out comes the sewing box. Having been bitten by the craft bug afew years ago, my plan to decorate the house in homemade decorations gets more elaborate each year (mainly thanks to Pinterest and Kirstie Allsop) and each year i never have enough time to finish even half of the things i want. So even though i should be thinking about taking the tree down, i'm actually thinking about what sewing i didn't finish for this Christmas, and have instead decided that rather than putting it all away until autumn, i'm going to keep making christmas decorations all year! So that is what this blog shall be about, my attempts to finish all those ongoing projects and start all the ones in my head in plenty of time for next Christmas, so that by December 1st all my decorations and other Christmas related craft and present ideas are all done and dusted, giving me more time to watch Elf and The Snowman with a glass of that lovely mulled cider! So I'd love to know if I'm the only one with this obsession? and if anyone has any ideas for me?!? Thanks, Charlie

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